Chicken Pot Pie

Happy Pi Day! After two years of sharing dessert pies, I decided to share a savory pie today. Why is it called chicken pot pie? Do some people bake it in a pot? I guess you could. I’ve thought about baking it in my Dutch oven before. Instead I usually find random dishes to use. This time, I decided to maximize the crust to pie filling ratio. I used a rectangular baking dish, and it worked really well. I’ve made pot pie a few different ways. Sometimes I’ve used store crusts or puff pastry dough, and sometimes I’ve used rotisserie chicken. I always have peas and carrots. That’s a must. This recipe was great because I was able to make everything at home, and I didn’t need a trip to the store. To me, using rotisserie chicken for a dish isn’t always a time saver. I have to go and buy it near the time I want to use it, and then I have to shred all of the skin after it cools. I decided to try and use my own roasted chicken. Sure enough, it worked, and I could season it however I liked.



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Sweet Meatballs (Made into Subs)

These have a tiny bit of sweet and sour flavor, but mostly sweet. It is almost like barbecue sauce for meatballs. K really liked it and said I needed to make the sauce again, so I guess I have a hit! I actually made these the same day I made my brownies and a dish coming on Friday, which meant I was quite tired. I had a day off, so I was trying to make meals for the week. K told me he could have made the meatballs, except I kind of made up the recipe on the spot. That would have been a bit tricky to direct him. At least now he can follow the recipe! It’s pretty easy, and you could change some parts around. For instance, you might have a favorite meatball recipe you already like. Or, you could make the sauce for something else, like chicken! Hmm. Now I am thinking about chicken meatballs in this sauce….potential!


Part of the reason we had the meatballs was to use up some bread. If you didn’t want them as subs, you could just enjoy them with some pasta, or other side dish.


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Fish Tacos

We really do like tacos in this house. We hadn’t had them for awhile, but I wasn’t in the mood for more chicken, or even for beef. I wanted shrimp, but since I’m supposed to limit them right now, I decided to go with a white fish I am allowed to have in moderation. Yay! It was something new for us, and it ended up as a light meal that was still filling. I made my usual tortillas, adding in some dill this time. We also did our usual sides and discovered that my mini food processor works super well for guacamole. In fact, K said that is the only way to make it from now on. For our salsa, we had some fresh pineapple on hand and decided to mix it up a bit. We combined chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, dried chopped onion (you could use raw), cilantro, and chopped pineapple into my new favorite salsa. It was amazing! Sweet, which paired really well with the savory tacos. I also loved the guacamole with the salsa.


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My Favorite Fudgy Brownies

It has now been two years of posting on this blog. It’s a little hard to believe, but at the same time I have had many experiences along the way to make enough memories to fill the time. So, this will make my 324th post (my 323rd since this first one here). I actually forgot I was having a “blogiversary” until I saw Tortillas and Honey post hers! I started thinking about when mine was, and realized it was just a couple weeks away. Last year, I did a giveaway along with some goals for the year. I accomplished all of them except for the first one I listed. Not bad, considering it was puff pastry dough. Technically I’ve used the dough, and I’ve made croissants, but I would still like to make it from scratch. I haven’t felt up for super buttery things, so maybe that will have to wait.



I made these brownies so that I could make this favorite of mine, so there is no picture of the plain brownies cut up. You will have to take my word for it that they are amazing. Or, you know, you could make them yourself!


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Doria with Mushrooms, Bacon, and Eggs

We have eaten Doria at a Japanese restaurant in our area twice now, with the recommendation of a friend. It is a big hit with us because it is basically like fried rice, but turned into a casserole with cheese. How could this be wrong? It is probably high in calories, but it also is dense so you can only eat a small amount before getting full. It is great for a chilly day or night when you want some comfort food. You already have some of the recipes to make this dish, so now I am putting them together for the final product.




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Buttermilk Drop Biscuits

I’ve made buttermilk biscuits in the past. I even made a version of this recipe before, but I didn’t share it because it didn’t turn out completely right. Basically, I used buttermilk powder instead of buttermilk. It did not work in this recipe, so don’t make that substitution. Okay, so after making some fried chicken and ice cream, I still had some leftover buttermilk. No, it’s not weird at all. I bought the big container partially because I thought I needed it, and partially because it is a much better deal. So, I decided to try this recipe again. We woke up hungry for brunch one morning, so I decided to make egg sandwiches on these biscuits. I love Egg McMuffins and all, but I can’t eat ham right now so I decided to do my own breakfast sandwich. I was also disappointed when we went to Denny’s and they had a limited breakfast sandwich selection. It was either with ham and all sorts of crazy stuff, or with egg whites and turkey bacon. Bleck. I wanted a normal egg sandwich. I ended up making my own there, too (ordered a make my own grand slam with a buttermilk biscuit, eggs, and sausage to stack them together).



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