Topic-Changing Thursdays: Visits from Loved Ones

There are pros and cons to being pregnant. One of them is slightly more comfortable clothing. I am not a fan of having to buy a whole bunch of new clothes, but I am trying to find some joy in mixing up my look a bit. There was also some luck because a coworker of my husband’s gifted me a bunch of clothes in my size since she didn’t need them anymore. To add to the luck, she is waaaay more fashionable than I am, so I feel cool in my new looks.



A downside is that almost all of my family and close friends live 3000 miles away. This means that I won’t be seeing them after a certain date for a while. In the meantime, I’m trying to make the most of my time with them. Another bit of recent luck has been a couple recent visits. My dad and stepmother came through for a couple days on their way to Hawaii. After they left, one of my best friends came for her first visit to the West Coast. There was lots of fun eating, walking, and exploring.



This is one of my favorite dishes anywhere–an antipasto from one of my favorite Italian restaurants.



We discovered a new brunch place, and I loved the biscuit. Do you like ketchup with your potatoes? I don’t really like ketchup unless it’s paired with mustard on a hot dog or burger.



You have to go through Pike Place Market. We go even without our touristy visiting guests. It’s fun with lots of things to see.



Besides good food we also had some cultural experiences with museums and outdoor exhibits. One of my favorites is a Chihuly glass exhibit by the space needle.














There is also a go-to spot for first-time visitors: a chocolate tour at our local factory! The chocolate samples are delicious, and I always have fun walking through.

So many supplies!

So many supplies!

We also like bringing first-timers to the downtown library with its interesting design.


For out of the ordinary events, there was this creature on the hill behind our house:


There was also my dad getting approached to be on a tv show….not sure if he’ll make it on or not.


There was also another special event, which involved the reason I picked the bouquet in the first picture, and a theme in the following pictures.

Reflections in the glass balls are fun for taking pictures!

Reflections in the glass balls are fun for taking pictures!

Another one from the glass exhibit.

Another one from the glass exhibit.

These trees have been blue for a long while. The blue is starting to fade--it was part of an art installation.

These trees have been blue for a long while. The blue is starting to fade–it was part of an art installation.


Did you figure it out yet? Well, it turns out that I was right, and the little kicker inside of me…here we go wrapping back to the first paragraph…is a baby boy! So, this summer I will be bringing a son into the world. (Wow! Crazy!)

Until next week!


10 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Visits from Loved Ones

  1. Wooo hooo! A little boy! How wonderful and exciting! You look wonderful by the way; looks like this pregnancy thing is really agreeing with you. The photos of all the great places to visit are making me want to book my flight! I’m visiting the fam in Atlanta, just arrived and headed for Savannah with my older grandson and his girlfriend tomorrow, part of his 21st birthday gift. Tell Kent congratulations for me and TTYS!

  2. I already wished you congrats (say for social media) but I wanted to pop back in and say I really think your colorful glass photographs would be awesome printed out, framed and hung in a collection somewhere in your house. And if you don’t want to do it, email them to me and I’ll find a place in my house for them!! So pretty.

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