Tips-y Tuesdays: Challah Ahead of Time Results

When I made and shared the Challah recipe a little while ago, I promised to follow-up with the frozen loaf. I baked it to have with the beef stew and wanted to let you know how it was.





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Flour’s Crispy Magic Frosting

On Wednesday, I shared a cupcake recipe that you could make ahead. This frosting pairs perfectly with the cupcakes because it is a bit sweet, and the cupcakes aren’t. It is another fairly easy recipe, although not the easiest frosting recipe. At the same time, it piped just as I wanted it to, so I will take slightly complicated if my frosting is easier to work with.


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Flour’s Make-Ahead Chocolate Cupcakes

I know, I am all about the make-ahead recipes this week! First beef stew, and now this. Well, again, it works well for a girl who can’t handle much cooking or baking for long stretches of time. This is a “dump in one bowl” recipe (mostly) and I have never EVER had such easy cupcakes to spoon out. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t make a mess pouring cupcake batter into muffin cups? So hard for me. Each time I try to come up with a better plan, and it never works. Well, this batter was so easy to portion out. I will probably keep the recipe just for that reason.

And for how wonderfully domed the cupcakes came out. Each one was perfect! It made me feel like a master, which is just awesome.


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Make-Ahead Beef Stew

If you were around for last Thursday’s post, then you would know that make-ahead dishes are awesome. Not only do they allow me to make it through bouts of nausea (cooking in short sprints–yay!), but I can freeze them for days when I am tired and don’t want to do any cooking. Of course, some recipes don’t taste as good when they are leftovers, but this stew gets better over time. The original recipe even says you should make this ahead for the best results.



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