Homemade Wontons for Wonton Soup

For some time I had wanted to make wontons from scratch. I still haven’t done it fully since I used premade wrappers this time. I figured, if I can do it with store wrappers and get in practice, then I will move to making the wrappers from scratch as well. You can hold me to that goal, too! Many wontons are made with pork and shrimp, but while I am able to eat pork in this kind of dish (I normally don’t care for it), I am supposed to limit my shrimp intake (hello baby inside of me!). I decided to make these with pork and mushroom instead. You could even make them vegetarian with just mushrooms because shiitake mushrooms have great flavor on their own. Maybe add tofu for some protein? Anyway…my idea met with approval from the mother-in-law, so I knew I was good to go.



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