Tips-y Tuesdays: Leftovers Help

I often make side dishes and entrees, then have leftover sides but not protein. What to do? Well, I can always make another entree, or repeat the meal. But, it helps jazz up our weeknight meals if I throw in a twist. Today I am sharing some common ways I stretch my leftovers. If you have some ideas, feel free to share!!



Leftover Rice:

This is an easy one, being married to an Asian. I learned to make some of the best fried rice. In a similar way, you can reuse risotto and make fried risotto balls. I think I might need to make some risotto soon and do it. Mmmm.

Leftover Mac and Cheese:

For this one, obviously you can just eat it, but I have found that adding some tomato/spaghetti sauce to it when reheating adds a sweet twist to make the meal just a bit different. Enough to please the tough family critics.

Leftover Bread:

If it is not stale yet, you can easily “stale” it in the oven and turn it into croutons (this works best for flavored bread, or you can season it before you bake it). You can also use it to make bread pudding or stratas.

Leftover roasted or braised potatoes:

I actually make extra of these on purpose because then I am halfway to awesome breakfast potatoes. Basically, just place the potatoes in a pan with some oil and reheat, allowing the potatoes to get crispy and brown. Skillet potatoes in about 10 minutes! You can also combine this with the method below for farro.

Whole grains like farro:

These can also be thrown in a skillet and reheated with a bit of fat (oil, butter, etc.) because they tend to dry out when chilled. I then push the grains to one side of the skillet and crack an egg in the middle. Fry or scramble your egg, and feel free to mix it with the grains. Instant quick lunch or breakfast!



A cast-iron skillet is the best and fastest for browning the potatoes/grains.

A cast-iron skillet is the best and fastest for browning the potatoes/grains.



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