Braised Potatoes and Onions

The final post for Starch Week. I won’t lie. Originally this was supposed to be Grains Week because I thought I had three posts of grains. Apparently I had been counting potatoes as a grain. Hmm. Oh well. So, small changes later and we have starches! Yay! Besides, I think starches get a bad rap. They might have some bad stuff in them, but hey, some people get mad at fruit for having sugar. *sigh* So, you know, I don’t care that potatoes have some problems, too. No food is perfect, but we should enjoy food and take the nutrients we can. Potatoes pair so well with chicken, and that’s how we had these. This recipe is a little more involved than roasted potatoes, but still mostly hands off. If you are in the mood for potatoes that are super soft, almost like mashed potatoes, then you will love these. It works best with golden potatoes, not the waxy purple or red potatoes. But, this recipe still softens them some. It makes purple-potato-haters like my husband bigger fans.


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