Topic-Changing Thursdays: Holiday Fun

Merry Post-Christmas! For those of you who celebrate, I hope you had a nice time with family. We again visited Maryland after just being back for Thanksgiving. (It was such a short time between this year!) I figured today is a good day to share some holiday pictures from over the past month. No recipes today, just photos. Tune in next week for some new recipes!


Before we left for Thanksgiving, we bought our first Christmas tree. We could have waited until our return, but with only 2 weeks until we were leaving again, I wanted a little extra time to enjoy our first tree. It was surprisingly easy to set up, so we shall see about taking it down!



For our flight back to Maryland, I had just received my frequent flier status, which meant that we both got upgraded on our second leg of the trip.


This meant that we ended up eating two dinners because we weren’t expecting the upgrade or food. Oops!

The first leg was full of pretty mountain ranges near Washington.


The big one is Rainier.



Overall, I saw about 4-5 large mountains. Mount Baker and Mount Saint Helens were also there, but we were not sure which ones were which.

For our second leg, as we got close to Baltimore there were some pretty city views.




Thanksgiving was fun because there was lots of good food, as well as seeing my loved ones like my nephew!


My dad gave us free tickets to a local tree festival (it is for charity). There were so many cool trees to see! Of course I had to stand with the Ravens’ tree.


Then there was an Elvis tree…


An origami tree:


A tree made entirely out of wine bottles:


A belly-dancing tree:


And then there were gingerbread houses, too.






Before we left to go home, my dad made sure I had one of my favorites: Maryland Crabcakes!


Speaking of eating, I made my apple crumb pie twice. Once for my dad, and once for when we had neighbors over. This time I made it a bit prettier than last year’s.




We had lots of people over to our house, which meant using my snowmen dishes:


Lots of food making….and K taking spy pictures of us.


We also celebrated Lisa‘s birthday!


Lots of cold weather. This looks like snow, but isn’t. Just loads and loads of frost. Eek!


For our trip back to Christmas, we got to see lots of family and friends. On Christmas Day, we started with our gift-swap.


Then we had dinner with my side of the family, and it’s always at my dad’s house.


Apparently we were too busy eating to get pictures of the food on the table. Just the appetizers…


There were some funny moments during the family gift exchange, which is mostly between my dad and his sisters.


After dinner, a new tradition has been to play a Christmas Bingo my aunt provides. There are even funny prizes!


My favorite prize was probably the snow in a can. You add water, and bam! Snow. Or kind of. It feels really soft and cotton-like.





We have lots of decorations around the house that always go up. A bunch of them were items my mom painted. They used to make these craft kits where you paint ceramic (I think) scenes. She was really good and made them for some people in the family, too. It got harder to find them each year. We think it’s because no one wanted to bother with them. (They took a lot of work and time.)



The one above is supposed to be my brother, our dog, our first cat, and me. She personalized the pets and kids to match us. It’s one of my favorites of all of the ones she painted.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it!

7 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Holiday Fun

  1. This is such a happy post 🙂 The fireplace sculpture with you and your brother is possibly the cutest thing in the world. What a sweet keepsake to have. It’s nice to peek in on your holidays on the east coast and I am so happy we could start celebrations together!!

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