Strawberries and Cream Buttermilk Bundt Cake

After coming across a bundt cake recipe that strongly resembled a pound cake, I wanted to try it. I haven’t had much luck with dense rich cakes like this, but…this one was perfect. It turned out the way I hoped. Perfectly sweet and pretty.



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Crispy Sweet Potatoes

If you were wondering what was going on last week, since I kept saying something special was happening, well….my dad’s wedding was yesterday! I made a cake for the two of them to have for their cake-cutting. I do not have the pictures to share at this point, but hopefully soon! Maybe in a Topic-Changing Thursday post. 🙂


In the meantime, I have these yummy sweet potatoes for you. I am so used to buying regular potatoes that I forget how good sweet potatoes are. This might be my favorite way to have them. Often, people make their sweet potatoes too sweet for my taste. I never understood the marshmallow casserole thing. Bleck. To me, they are sweet enough as is, and I like them with a savory edge. This recipe gives a little sass to the sugary sweet potato.

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Topic-Changing Thursdays: San Diego

This is a special week, which is part of the reason you had a Tips-y Tuesday post and why you are getting a Topic-Changing post today. If you are interested in why this is a special week, you could get some hints by checking out some of these posts. My part of the job starts today, so I am a bit busy. The big deal is this weekend, and I will report back on Monday! Although I might be a bit distracted because I will be flying home that day.



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Tips-y Tuesdays: Cooking Sugar Snap Peas

So much confusion. First, you’re getting two posts in a row (did you see the ice cream yesterday?? I love the cookie butter chips in it). Second, you haven’t had a Tips-y Tuesday post for a while. And then third, sugar snap peas in October….I know. Not quite seasonal, but I hadn’t had a chance to share it since I made them in September. And who knows, you might get lucky and snag a bag from Costco like I did.



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Cookie Butter Ice Cream with Cookie Butter Chips

Have you ever had one of those recipes that you needed to make, that you’ve made often enough before, you feel good in knowing your pantry has everything you need. So, you know, when you’re at the grocery store the day before, you think “Hmm, peanut butter (check), chocolate chips (check), ….” and don’t buy anything for the recipe. But then you go to make the recipe and realize you are missing ____. And it is probably something that is semi-important, but not a very large amount (which is how you forgot about it in the first place). Ugh. Yeah, that totally happened when I was making these blondies for my dad recently. Apparently I needed peanut butter chips. I could run to the store, but it was only 1/2 cup. So small!! I decided to look up online and see what people had done. Most people seemed to have the opposite issue: they had peanut butter chips, but no peanut butter. People! What is up with that? Oh well, I guess that’s for another day.



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Smore Cookie Butter Bars

K asked me a bit last minute to make something, and I wasn’t sure what I could make in about 1 hour with just the ingredients in our pantry. It turns out it was easier than I thought, once I remembered that bars can be thrown together pretty quickly. The baking time is the bigger concern with bars. Because I only made an 8×8 pan of them, they didn’t take very long, and it helped with portion control later! (Let’s be honest, these only lasted about 2 days.)


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Fresh Mochi

It’s time for another recipe from my mother-in-law! She was super happy when I made this for friends, following her directions…mostly! I made some in the style she taught me, and some in a more Americanized way. That’s right, I had to add chocolate. You can make any versions you like. If you’ve never had mochi, I can best describe the texture as being like a marshmallow–kind of chewy, but softer in the middle. The actual mochi tastes pretty neutral. You get a bit of the coconut milk flavor, but most of the flavor comes from the filling. So, go nuts! Or go chocolate! Or something else!! I provide ideas for fillings and coatings below. Let your imagination dance.


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