Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy Halloween!

No recipes today, just a little Halloween spirit. Or spirits. Like ghosts and things. What are your thoughts on ghosts? I’ve never seen one. I think I’m more of a “spirit” believer. I think sometimes our loved ones hang around a bit longer, or make appearances in random memories or dreams. But, I am also a gullible sort and willing to be more open to strange ideas. If you’re looking for Halloween recipe ideas, feel free to check out my other posts this week


This past weekend we hosted a pumpkin carving party. Last year we didn’t carve pumpkins. I can’t remember why…I know we were gone for some of the weekends, so maybe time just got away from us? Our old home never had trick-or-treaters, so we’re hoping for a good batch here. We bought lots of candy! Either way, I can always sacrifice myself to the leftover candy. I made sure to pick out candy I enjoy eating. Mwahaha.

Speaking of “mwahaha”, I once played the Wicked Witch of the West in my high school’s Wizard of Oz musical. I found the lines really amusing because there were long stretches of Mwahahahahahaha….I would joke that I needed to count the ha’s to get the lines correct. The other expression they had me say was “Feugh”. How does one pronounce that? Well, I said it kind of like “fwah”, not knowing if it was correct or not.


Now, back on topic…you can see some of the pictures from our party. I served macaroni and cheese made with scary pasta from Cost Plus World Market: It had spider and bat shapes.


When baked the black shapes looked more like truffles or something.


We also had a birthday girl, with a cake I will share on here sometime.


But of course, the main reason was for carving pumpkins!


So much ooey gooey messiness.


Apparently I am a better scooper than K. I find it more enjoyable than carving, to be honest.


K ended up carving both of ours, and I drew on the third pumpkin because part of it started to rot, and I didn’t want to see the insides. Boo! (And not a ghostly boo.)

Can you see my Halloween decals?

Can you see my Halloween decals?

It was fun having a group to do the carving. Hopefully we can do it again next year!


Happy Halloween!Hallo

5 thoughts on “Topic-Changing Thursdays: Happy Halloween!

  1. I’ve had a few runins with ghosts – grandparents recently deceased. One declared her nickname through a Ouija board when I wasn’t touching it, and another flicked a light on and off that had never worked before. Yup. 🙂

  2. I loved the picture of you two and pumpkins too!!!!!
    What a great time you must have had. Sure miss seeing both of
    you. Love, Aunt V

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