Guest Post on Gai Lan

Today you won’t find my full post on here, but instead I am doing a guest post at Sorey Fitness. It was such an honor to be asked by Kalee to do a guest post on her blog at Sorey Fitness. What makes it extra fun is I usually don’t focus on health for my blog posts, but her blog is definitely all about staying healthy. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t value health. In fact, I do long daily workouts to help allow me all of these treats. So, when Kalee asked, I immediately thought of the Chinese veggies that K (my husband) cooks for us almost everyday. Sometimes I cook them, too, once he showed me how. I started by going to the stores with him to see what to look for in a fresh vegetable, and then learned how to prepare them.


Go step over to Kalee’s blog to see my post there about Gai Lan and another spin on the congee recipe I posted on here a little while ago.



8 thoughts on “Guest Post on Gai Lan

  1. It’s great you are educating others on Chinese broccoli! : ) It’s my husband’s favorite and we love it in a beef stir-fry. The stalks are so good. Great job, Aly!

  2. Good for you! I love Gai Lan and always get it when I go for Dim Sum. I’ll have to make my own some time. I’ve been wantng to go to H Mart and get some nice, fresh Chinese veggies.

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