Farro and Asparagus Salad

One of my goals for this second year of blogging was for more side dishes. This dish can be a side dish, but it can also be a main course because the whole grain farro is quite filling and good as a main course (the eggs don’t hurt, either!). I got the main recipe from my grains class, and I made a few changes to better suit our palates. You can use quinoa or another grain in place of farro, but you would cook the grain differently in the first step. For the asparagus, you can swap in a different vegetable to go with whatever is in season at your grocery store. We are just finishing asparagus season, so I could use it, but you could easily use spinach, broccoli, or something else. We added parmesan in class, and I did for the first time I made this at home, but not since. It doesn’t work as well with the lightness of everything else. (And this is coming from a cheese-lover.)



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Strawberry Ice Cream

On K’s wishlist was strawberry ice cream. He loves it, but has trouble finding a version that isn’t icy. I have made strawberry ice cream before, but we were not 100% satisfied with it. We wanted it to be as creamy as vanilla ice cream with a strong strawberry flavor like you can get with sorbet. I decided to use my Bi-Rite cookbook for ideas, and sure enough they made their fruit ice creams a little differently than I have seen before. I ended up following the blackberry recipe instead of the strawberry one, so just in case you try to compare mine with the book. This recipe does not have big chunks of strawberries in it because that is partly what causes the iciness. Instead, they get blended right into the ice cream. If you like strawberry ice cream, you should give this a try.



Still some seeds inside

Still some seeds inside

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Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Speculoos Crumbs

Everyone is in love with cookie butter, but the cookies they start with are pretty good, too. I like the spicy taste, and I thought it would go well with ice cream. I have made cookie butter swirled ice cream before, but nothing like this. I was inspired by my vanilla ice cream swirl recipe, and I came up with this.



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Spaghetti Frittata

So, funny story about the cookbook I used for this recipe. I had it on my Amazon wishlist for some reason. I think I either came across it in looking at a different Italian cookbook or someone had recommended it directly. Either way, I had wanted it, but when I put things on my wishlist, I usually let them sit there for a while until I am positive I must own them. Well, I was visiting Maryland and my dad had me go through some of my mom’s old cookbooks. I picked a few to take with me, and I was reading through them when I returned. Apparently this was one of them! I had no idea when I first took it! So, I can thank my mom for getting me something from my wishlist, years before I knew I wanted it.



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Coffee Shortbread Cookies

Although I did not make these for our anniversary yesterday, I am posting them today in honor of it. Two years of marriage! I am definitely happy about that, and happy to be with him. You can make these for your special someone, or just eat them. They are really light and flaky, making them easy to nibble on. This recipe does not make a large batch, but you can easily double or triple it for a larger crowd.


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Salt and Pepper Oven-Fried Chicken

When I made this, my husband was so excited. He saw chips, chicken, and potatoes. It was enough to make him forget about the leeks for a few minutes. He told me that this recipe absolutely had to be made again and posted to the blog. Well, I guess his wish is my command for this one! I enjoyed it, too. The chips give a nice crunchy fried effect. I probably should have crushed mine more so that they could have stuck better, but I was a little impatient and hungry. So, next time. I enjoyed the thighs the best, but the chicken breasts were also decent. You could even use drumsticks with this recipe. Just be sure to cook the parts separately so that you can cook them just to their temperature and not longer (especially for the breast meat).



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