Chocolate Mint Dreams

For my birthday, I never know what I will get. I mean, I have some wish list items, but then my family and friends always throw in gifts they hope I will like or don’t have. I don’t think of myself as hard to shop for, but apparently they think I have lots of cookbooks and cooking tools making it hard to know what I don’t have. My brother picked out this cookbook, but I still don’t know exactly what led him to pick it. Luckily, he knows me well and picked a great cookbook. It has lots of good pictures and yummy sounding recipes. I hope to make another recipe from it very soon.



This recipe is like a brownie in cookie form. I added in mint chocolate which makes the cookies nice and refreshing, while being very soft and gooey. They are not impressive-looking, but perfect for your family. I had lots of fun eating one with peanut butter ice cream. You can eat them however you like.

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