Strawberry Ice Cream

On K’s wishlist was strawberry ice cream. He loves it, but has trouble finding a version that isn’t icy. I have made strawberry ice cream before, but we were not 100% satisfied with it. We wanted it to be as creamy as vanilla ice cream with a strong strawberry flavor like you can get with sorbet. I decided to use my Bi-Rite cookbook for ideas, and sure enough they made their fruit ice creams a little differently than I have seen before. I ended up following the blackberry recipe instead of the strawberry one, so just in case you try to compare mine with the book. This recipe does not have big chunks of strawberries in it because that is partly what causes the iciness. Instead, they get blended right into the ice cream. If you like strawberry ice cream, you should give this a try.



Still some seeds inside

Still some seeds inside

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