Strawberry Sorbet

A friend was having a special (30th birthday) and I wanted to make him a special treat. He is a non-chocolate lover (I guess it takes all kinds in this world! haha), but loves fruit, so I wanted to make him some sorbet. After searching my blog, I realized I had never included my berry sorbet recipe! Shocker! I have strawberry lemonade, which is also good, but not straight sorbet (which I have made often). Like all of my frozen ice cream/sorbet recipes, it has a bit of alcohol to keep it softer, but not enough for you to really notice or be bothered. You can add a bit more, and I will sometimes use flavored alcohol to coordinate with the flavors of the dessert. (Coconut rum with mango sorbet, for example.)



If you’re wondering where the recipe is for the granita….wait for it. It’s coming!

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