Variations on Oat Cookies and Spicy Spaghetti with Hazelnuts

Often, I will make a recipe and then think about what else I could do with it. Sometimes I already change recipes, but sometimes I hold out and make it as is first, then mix it up later. Most of these iterations I try to mention in my posts on here (partly so I remember weeks/months/years later), but sometimes I wait and make the variations later. Take the two recipes in the title. I made those recipes weeks before making them again recently. The oat cookies only appear recent because I saved recipes up from before we moved so that I would still have posts here (we definitely ate out a bit during the move and transition, and then there was a visit back home). When we came back from our brief vacation, I ended up wanting to make something simple, so the cookie dough had a couple twists (but nothing to warrant a new post). Then we were having a guest over for dinner (first time in the new place!) and I wanted to jazz up the meal I had planned (the spicy spaghetti). After making both, I was so pleased with them that I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I did!





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