Settling In

I have a few more pictures to share of the house! Basically, we unpacked most of our stuff over the weekend and the rooms aren’t just empty beige rooms anymore. It was lucky I happened to be off on the Friday because I moved a bunch of stuff. On Memorial Day, I figured people are most likely done with food for a little bit. Hopefully you enjoyed some time with family. We flew home for an extended weekend not long after moving in. Crazy week!

Welcome to our home!

Welcome to our home!

All of my clothes came over Friday and the day before. It was fun filling the new closet because I have plenty of room. I had an okay closet before but this one is big enough for mine and K’s clothes. At some point we plan on buying a new bedroom set (his is from Ikea when he first moved out here) and maybe putting a dresser in the closet for socks/etc. that work better in drawers. Or who knows, maybe we will get fancy with some closet organizers that have drawers. Dream big!

Our view from the closet--we're up pretty high!

Our view from the closet–we’re up pretty high!

A few neighbors have already welcomed us. There are lots of families here, so hopefully we can fit in with the existing people. The previous owners were well-liked, and it makes sense since they not only had the house cleaned for us but also mowed the yard right before. This meant we had very little cleaning to worry about. Speaking of cleaning, I had my first brand new washer and dryer experience! The first load is in now, and so far so good. They are much larger than we are used to because ours fit in a closet. The owners took theirs, so we decided to go ahead and get new ones instead of moving ours.


I have been telling people bear stories for the new place. Bears are a possibility because we are up a mountain with lots of forests. Luckily, the neighbors said we should be fine, but there are lots of deer. Sure enough, we have had a deer each day. The first day I had the experience of seeing the deer squatting…yeah, really cute, Bambi!

Munching away

Munching away

We have cooked a few meals here so far. First was breakfast, with my first time using a wall oven. I also am not used to gas ovens anymore, but this one seems nice. The temperature actually matched my oven thermometer! Of course, I already had an accident. When making breakfast, the recipe used a skillet in the oven. I pulled it out and then when I went back to pick it up….yeah, I forgot my potholders. Ugh. Minor burns which put a small cramp in plans for the rest of the day, but I have to be dumb sometimes, I guess. Haha…or not. I also cooked a version of this chicken for dinner. Apparently I haven’t shared the version on here, so maybe soon. It has been weird/fun cooking in such a big kitchen. I have to get used to it, but it’s a fun problem. We said it feels like we are in a hotel or vacation home. It doesn’t feel like ours yet.


Notice the "drying rack" (our real one wasn't ready yet, and we had lots of dishes to wash from moving.

Notice the “drying rack” (our real one wasn’t ready yet, and we had lots of dishes to wash from moving.

K's computer area

K’s computer area

Dining set and buffet in place!

Dining set and buffet in place!

Living room as you enter the house

Living room as you enter the house

I have moved my great-grandmother’s furniture all over the country now:

IMG_7113 IMG_7111

More kitchen pictures:

My first real pantry.

My first real pantry.

All of my cookbooks

All of my cookbooks

I love having drawers for each kind of kitchen tool, like a spatula drawer. And it's nice cooking and looking out on the rest of the room.

I love having drawers for each kind of kitchen tool, like a spatula drawer. And it’s nice cooking and looking out on the rest of the room.

A close-up of the family room, and of the eat-in part of the kitchen:



And to end…our backyard view…so much nicer than before.



17 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. It looks gorgeous!! I love your stairs and countertops especially!! I live in the country too, and it’s always fun to see the deer (and turkeys) out. Just be careful when you’re driving! They can be dangerous sometimes if you don’t know to look for them. It looks like a wonderful neighborhood….so jealous of your big closet too!

    Kalee @

    • Thanks! Actually, the deer are only because we back to a greenbelt. We are actually in a quite suburban area, so no major worries about wildlife when we’re not in our backyard.

  2. Happy settling in! The house looks wonderful. I don’t have a separate dining room and never thought it was a big deal but now that I cook much more, I would love it. Enjoy your wonderful new house…there will be many happy memories in there for you, I know it! : )

    • Thanks! We have a table in the dining room…but we’ll see how much it gets used that way. πŸ™‚ I promised my husband that if it ends up never getting used, we can convert it to an extra play room or something until we need it as a dining room. πŸ™‚

  3. There is so much to love about your new place!!!

    Your kitchen is amazing. Light and airy and open feeling, especially over the sink. Our kitchen is sooooo dark. It’s so nice that it opens out into the family room as well. This is especially nice when you have kids. Beautiful floors too.

    The wood details in your dining room are awesome. I bet this will be a fun room to decorate!

    And that staircase? Wow. Just wow. I’ve always secretly wanted a fancy staircase like you see in the movies. I would totally put on a fancy dress just to walk the stairs (so glad it’s not my blog I am admitting this on.)

    I’m also really glad I am not the only one who thinks IKEA isn’t the be all and end all of furniture. Happy shopping!!! Love your grandma;s pieces too btw, I have a piece from my grandma’s bedroom set too that I absolutely adore.

    • You pointed out so many reasons I liked this house! The staircase wasn’t a selling point for me exactly, but it is awfully pretty. πŸ˜‰ We’ve liked IKEA furniture for certain things, especially smaller storage pieces. But, it will be nice to buy a proper grown-up bedroom set. My antiques are nice, but a bit girly, and a bit too old for him. Hopefully we can find something we both like!

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