Something Old, Something New

As I mentioned on Monday, I am living in a new place this week. There are lots of nice things, more of which will be described on Friday, but for today, I wanted to talk a bit about my current place and what I like about it. Home is, as they say, where the heart is. When I first moved to Washington from Maryland, I was sad to leave behind my large kitchen and cozy bedroom. My husband owned a townhome out in Washington and it was much newer than mine. Some of the changes were nice, like the granite countertops he had installed before I moved. I also like the high ceilings.


One of my biggest issues has been privacy. I miss being able to only hear what is in my own house, and not all of the bangs and noises of our neighbors. Homes are much closer together here, and it took a long time to get adjusted. Our new place will actually have a private (for here) yard. Our current kitchen is not huge, but is set-up well for all of my cooking. We hope our new one will work a bit better for partner cooking. Right now, storage has been a struggle, but the new place has a pantry and lots of cabinets, which will hopefully help hide some of my clutter.


I have a bunch of kitchen utensils I keep out. The new place has drawers where I can store some of these in a convenient place.

I have a bunch of kitchen utensils I keep out. The new place has drawers where I can store some of these in a convenient place.

One of the major tasks will be storing my cookbooks. I have about 40 of them, which I could not have guessed prior to boxing them up for the move. It’s hard to pick my favorites because often I work heavily with one, only to remember another and use that instead. I cherish my savory cookbooks as much as my dessert cookbooks. Take a look at the titles; do you have any of the same? What are your favorite cookbooks?




Besides my cookbooks, I also have a large selection of saved recipes from magazines, random books, newspapers, online collections, and a few from my mom. I store them in these binders.


Yep, I use a kitten binder for my desserts. No label needed for that one! For my savory binder, I have many categories, so I used colored labels to help separate them.


Previously we stored most of my cookbooks in this handy storage piece, but I will use it for my reading books in the living room instead. The pantry should (fingers crossed) be large enough for my cookbooks and food.


A bit empty looking now, but it fit so cozily into our empty niche by the stairs! And, check out my ice cream maker. Prime spot!

Another favorite item in our kitchen as been the sink. K picked it out with both of us in mind. He loves double sinks, and I love having a sink that is deep enough and wide enough to fit a brownie pan, either way I turn it.


The new sink, sadly, is not big enough for my pans. Instead, it’s a normal double sink. We have some ideas for a kitchen renovation down the road, but nothing is necessary yet. Our biggest annoyance will probably be the sink, although K is annoyed by the granite tile (he became pickier after choosing the nice granite for our current place). It will also be my first time with a cooktop and a wall-oven, so we shall see how I do.

While packing, we reverted back to K’s old ways of using the dishwasher as a drying rack:



There have also been many boxes. These are just some of the kitchen boxes:



And yes, the one on top….

It's just for spices.

It’s just for spices. I may or may not have a spice addiction.

I am still thinking about the first food I want to cook in my place. By the time you read this, I will have probably made something, but you will have to wait to find out! To see something I made shortly before my move, check out yesterday’s post with a cookie recipe!

6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. Moving is serious business! I remember when we moved from our apartment 5-6 years ago and I was cleaning out a typical cabinet about the range hood and marveling at how many cans and boxes of pasta I had accumulated and managed to stuff into that seemingly small cabinet! : )

    I am sure you are cooking up something wonderful in your new kitchen…

  2. Thanks for showing us your cookbook collection. I saved a few of them to my Amazon wishlist in case Mike needs any ideas, Not that I “need” any more cookbooks.but I just don’t think you can have too many. I took out an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook from the library the other day and their technique for baked potato fries/wedges was amazing!

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