Not Quite Right

Sorry to disappoint my recipe-loving fans. This week I will still be posting, but not posting about what you usually see from me. Joanna of Midwestern Bite has offered me many suggestions for blog posts. Sometimes I take her up on them, like my Thanksgiving post, and sometimes I delay them…like with this week! She already predicted what news I have, so I felt it was okay to wait and share it. I knew I was going to be busy and not have as much time for cooking new things, so I deliberately allowed myself this week to post about what was going on so that I could 1) Answer her requests, 2) Document it for my own fun, and 3) Share with curious readers!


This kitchen sink….where is it? Why does it make us a little sad? Find out this week!


This weekend, K and I moved into the first home that we own together! I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of the journey, starting with our current kitchen (the most important room in the house, duh!), and show you some near misses along the way. Joanna was also interested in what cookbooks I have, so I figured that with them all packed, it would be a good time to show them all. That will be coming, as will pictures of our new place.

I am super excited, but it has also been super stressful. Around the second or third summer that I visited K, we went to check out some new homes. This was before we knew for sure where we would live once married. For those who don’t know, I lived my entire life in Maryland and was shocked with the lack or privacy and yards in the Seattle suburb where we live. Prices are also much higher, which threw me off. We did not look super seriously, but I also never saw a home I “had to have”. Once married, we waited for the first year because we still weren’t sure where we were going to settle. Our old home is a townhome/condo which suited our current needs fine, but we were growing out of it. We looked half-seriously/half for fun for about 4 months before realizing we wanted to move. Well….in that time, the housing market skyrocketed here, which meant that homes which we once turned up our noses at were not less affordable.

Our first time out we were exploring a big range of places. The first was a town that we eventually realized wouldn’t work because the homes were always really odd and dark.



The owner/agent was apparently sleeping there with a female friend when we arrived. He did not answer or respond to our agent calling out “hello” repeatedly. Eventually he woke up and let us check out the master. He even offered coffee, but it felt like some weird morning after. No thanks, dude.



This home is affectionately known to us as the Weed Home. Apparently it was empty for a while and had some great gardening squatters who chose a specific illegal plant. All evidence was removed when the home was renovated/flipped…but after hearing about it, it’s all we could think about. That, and the dismal lack of yard (what you see is a bunch of blackberry bushes growing wild by a small stream). Not very family friendly.


We wanted this home to work. It was quiet, had a beautiful yard, nice living space…and then there was a not super awesome kitchen, paired with a lack of a guest bedroom/bonus space. Soooo, after much pondering, we didn’t go for it.

Then came the dream home. A largeish yard with a beautiful kitchen:





It was love at first sight for me. I loved every part of this room, including the awesome bonus space for kids to play. There were a few negatives, like smallish bedrooms, a septic tank that would require an $80,000 fee if it failed, and it was not south facing (not as much light, which matters greatly to us in a relatively dark place). We placed a strong offer (well over asking), and were beat by a buyer willing to go without an inspection. I was so heartbroken. I literally felt like I had been dumped by a great love. Well, it took a while to get back out there, and I was extra critical this round.


I’m talking to the agent. She really liked me, so I think I could have had a leg up on other buyers. Too bad we didn’t place an offer!

This home was another close one, but it was a bit dark, no yard, and it felt a bit cramped (especially with the neighbors–check out the window!).


This one was near the top of what we wanted to spend, but it did have a home theater!?


The biggest bonus room I ever saw! But, the main floor was really sad.



Oh, this home.


Look at it.



How could you not fall in love with all of the junk everywhere? Haha. Well, we did. It was a short sale with tenants (super messy tenants). The seller was really odd, and we tried really hard to make it work…we would go check out other homes, but always felt like we were cheating on this one. It ticked so many boxes, and we were willing to overlook the fixes and messes. One day we were told that the seller finally heard back from the bank and he could not get a short sale, so they took it off the market. I was again sad after losing our second home.

Apparently we were meant for better things….



No, not that one, although it was close…



This one. Do you see my coy look? That’s saved for my husband and nice kitchens (both are conveniently behind the camera). Stay tuned for more!




5 thoughts on “Not Quite Right

  1. Ohhhh…I read this post this morning on my phone but the pics were so small I didn’t get a good look until just now when I turned on the laptop. I seriously think I would be a better cook if I had a kitchen like one or two of these. We priced a new granite counter top a few months back but it was out of our current budget. Maybe someday.

    Love the stone fireplace and mantle! So pretty. Can’t wait for the rest of your posts this week to see the rest of the story.

    • Some granite is cheaper than others, but apparently I have expensive granite taste. 🙂 Quartz is the new popular pick, but we’re not as crazy about the look. I like everything else being simple, and the counter having a bit more snazz. The fireplace was put into use last night. The flames aren’t super nice looking, but it puts out a lot of heat.

  2. Okay…there are too many cliffhangers on this blog lately! ; ) Seriously exciting developments on your end there, Alyssa. I’m sure everything works out beautifully. My kitchen is tiny and I can’t help but salivate just a teeny bit at these big kitchens. Maybe then I wouldn’t break so many things. I’ve been doing that a lot lately!

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