Chicken and Onion Crackers

After growing up loving Chicken in a Bisket crackers, I introduced my husband to them recently. Unfortunately, we noticed that they had MSG in them, which might explain why they are so addictive. He loved them as much as I did, so he tried looking for an off-brand that might not have MSG. There wasn’t one we could find, so I decided to try to make some crackers with a similar flavor. These were not exact, but are inspired. I played around with thicknesses and baking times. Basically, you want them to be a bit thin to cook up extra crispy. My thicker ones were not as successful. I also decided the salt and onion was a bit much, so I have adjusted the recipe below accordingly.


You can feel free to make these crackers with any seasoning you like. In place of the chicken broth, you can also use water to have a non-chicken cracker. I thought about sprinkling cheese on top, but that did not match the original flavoring. If you have celery salt, I would recommend adding that in place of the salt. I don’t have it, and did not want to buy it for just this, but it is an ingredient in the original crackers.

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