Topic-Changing-Thursdays It’s Been 1 Year!?

If you’re like me, you sometimes have trouble keeping track of time. They say that the older you get, the faster time seems to go. I definitely have times when life feels like it is flying by. K and I had plans for our first couple years of marriage, and it’s crazy that we’re already coming up on 2 years!! We need to work on our list a bit more, I guess. Hehe.

In more blog-worthy news, today is the day that I started blogging. Well, one year ago today, that is. I thought about sharing some super awesome recipe today, but I had no idea what could properly commemorate the occasion, so I decided to do what many others do, and reward the readers!

As promised, you will get to enter for a prize today!

Today is Thursday, March 7, 2013, just to be clear, and I will keep this open through Sunday night (March 10, 2013). All you need to do is leave a comment about why you come and read this blog. Even if today was your first time visiting. When you comment, you  should also make sure to include a valid email address so I have a way of contacting you if you are the winner! After Sunday, midnight PST, I will officially stop counting any additional entries. You can only enter once, so don’t be sneaky. 😉 Then, I will randomly pick a winner and announce it Monday. Because I will be shipping goodies, I need you to be a US resident…sorry to my non-US followers.

As for the prizes, I am leaving it open to the winner. You can pick to have me send you…

  1. Local treats (I live in the Seattle area, FYI), or
  2. Treats made by yours truly (you can make requests suitable for shipping)

Obviously you need to be okay with sharing your address with me, so keep that in mind when entering this little giveaway. Good luck to all!



In honor of my one year of posting, I am brainstorming ideas for my new year. If you have ideas, please share those, too! I would like to make the following in the near future:

  1. Puff Pastry dough
  2. Tiramisu, all from scratch (including the Ladyfingers) I did it here
  3. More tarts, especially fresh fruit ones with pastry cream (yay for summer berries in a few more months!) Done here with some chocolate and strawberries!
  4. Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie  Completed with yummy results here
  5. Homemade Twix bars (or something similar) Millionaire Bars will hit the spot for this!
  6. Lobster–any dish with it since I’ve never cooked it I made a Healthy Lobster Bisque
  7. Homemade pasta (I’ve made some in the past, but want to make more!)  I made Tagliatelle without a machine and Spaghetti with a machine.
  8. More side dishes (I always focus on the main dish and forget about the fun sides) I actually have made some! Although I am still working on more. Check out my side dishes here.

I remember being in college and making new goals each semester (they worked better for me than New Year’s resolutions because the timelines were shorter and I picked realistic goals). When I had an apartment, I had a goal of making a new dish a week or something like that. That was when I only had a few cookbooks and the internet was still pretty sad with few recipes. (Of course K just told me about how he watched ALL of the videos on Youtube when it started–there were apparently only 40 for quite a while.) Do you have any cooking goals for now or this year?

19 thoughts on “Topic-Changing-Thursdays It’s Been 1 Year!?

  1. Happy Blogiversary!! So exciting!
    I love reading your blog because you always have yummy treats and explain how to make them with pictures. I appreciate that b/c a lot of times I have no idea if I am doing something right and the pictures help!

  2. You are just amazing and creative in all you have done this past year. I love seeing and reading all the recipes, but most of all, I love the name “FUDGING AHEAD”. YOU ARE VERYSPECIAL TO US. KEEP ENJOYING LIFE AND SHARING IT WITH ALL OF US.

  3. Phew, not first. I swear the first person to enter never wins! I read your blog because you are awesome and your food is yummy. You always inspire me in the kitchen. That is all. I hope I win!!

  4. Congratulations on 1 year of blogging!! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of what you make! Everything looks delicious! I also like your list of goals, might have to start one up myself!

  5. Happy 1-year anniversary! I love seeing the wide variety of food you make! Never know when I’ll find a great dinner inspiration… Btw, I have the urge to pluck one of those truffles right off that yummy cake! Happy cooking & baking!

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