Tartine’s Shortbread

I had been wanting to make shortbread for a while. The ingredients list is short and the recipes are relatively simple, but the flavor is so yummy. Previously, most of my experience with shortbread cookies has been with store-bought ones that aren’t very fresh. Still good, but homemade was super delicate and rich. An ingredient I was not expecting to use is cornstarch, and quite a bit of it. So, be prepared for that. Apparently the cornstarch is what makes the texture so fluffy and crumbly. Traditionally, you just use sugar, butter, and flour, but I would still say you should try this recipe because it was really good. Next time I might try to mix in some other flavors, like vanilla extract or something else. The flavor of the shortbread is subtle, so if you eat it with other desserts, you can pair it with similarly light flavors. We ate it with buttermilk ice cream and enjoyed both mild flavors together.




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