Tips-y Tuesdays: How to Make Chicken Broth

Just like with the roast chicken “recipe”, I decided not to make this an official recipe post because it is more about strategy than amounts. It is also a way of what you can do with the roast chicken carcass from last week. I knew you could do something with it, so after doing some research, I decided to save the chicken carcass and bones after we finished carving it. I made a broth from it, and then made chicken noodle soup. Super yummy and healthy for you, and not too tricky. You could obviously make the soup without homemade broth, but if you’re already making the roast chicken, it’s not really much extra work.


Remember how I had you only use 1/2 an onion in the chicken? And you probably had some leftover vegetables…specifically a stalk of celery and a carrot? Here’s your chance to do some good with it!

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