Cornflake Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies

I really wanted to make cookies with rice krispie cereal because people kept doing searches for it and coming to my cookie butter rice krispie treats. Because I do not wish to disappoint, I wanted to make sure I have  a recipe to satisfy this need. I did some research first and discovered that rice krispies can be added to pretty much any cookie, and they just make the cookies chewier. To add to the rice krispie treat connection, I decided to bring out a Momofuku Milk Bar recipe I used before. After checking my blog, I realized I had never posted about these cookies before, so here you go! I did make some changes since I have made them before and had a better idea of what I wanted. Some of my cookies overbaked a bit, so that is why I said to start checking them much sooner. The cookies will harden a bit as they cool, so err on the side of underbaking.




A little too dark.

These are super chewy and gooey with the mix-ins. It’s a pretty simple recipe as far as the Milk Bar stuff goes. Feel free to customize with different cereals. I decided to stick with some cornflakes that were called for in the original recipe, but you could go all in with a different cereal to try it. If you do, I’d love to hear what you use, and how it turns out!

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Udon Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Beef

Here is a great comfort food dish for my husband K. It is soup, it is hot, it has mushrooms, and it is Asian! He was interested when I talked about my ideas for it. It was inspired by a recipe I pulled from the magazine Shape. I jazzed it up a bunch, including adding meat, although we decided that you don’t need meat for this. The mushrooms take care of that meaty flavor for you. I had never bought udon noodles before, and after realizing I had to look up online how long you are supposed to cook them (the package lacked English directions), I got to taste them. They are saltier than I expected, so keep that in mind when preparing your soup. On purpose, I added water instead of more broth to keep the salt level in check.



We served the soup with some Asian veggies. You could stir spinach into this, or have the vegetable on the side like we did. This dish does not have any complicated ingredients. The only items we do not always have on hand are the udon noodles and cilantro. The beef was a splurge. You could just as easily make this more like a ramen by adding a poached egg. I also want to try replacing the cup of water with the “broth” you get from re-hydrating the mushrooms. It is supposed to have a lot of flavor, and I think would enhance this dish even more.


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Creamy Chicken and Mushroom with Pasta

When K makes dinner requests, I try to accommodate him. Sometimes he’s specific, like with wanting salisbury steak, but sometimes he is more open-ended, like “chicken with some sort of Alfredo sauce”. Then after finding a recipe with cream and mushrooms, he decided he wanted mushrooms, too, but more cheese and less cream. Apparently I have “made creamy pasta sauce dishes” before, and I was supposed to combine all of this into something yummy. I think I handled the task well, even though I kind of made it up as I went. You could alter bits of it to suit your tastes, but I do recommend the mushrooms. They added a rich deep flavor that countered the creamy sauce.



If you are a vegetarian, you could probably substitute vegetable broth for the chicken, and replace the meat with a different protein (more cheese, tofu, etc.). We used a whole wheat pasta because we love the extra taste that comes from it, but you can use whatever style or size you like best. An alternative method to cooking the chicken on the stove would be to start it in the pan for browning, then finish cooking in the oven.

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Topic-Changing-Thursdays: What Can’t You Eat?

There is not much that I cannot eat. There is definitely stuff that I do not want to eat, but that’s different. Sometimes it is hard to tell with people if they are just avoiding a food because they don’t care for it, or if it bothers them. And if it bothers them, how bad is it? There are some people I know who can’t eat green peppers, for example, without getting heartburn…not mentioning names, but this day also happens to be my mom’s birthday (hello up there, Mom!) hehe. So, my mom could eat the green peppers, but might not feel super awesome afterwards.


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Chili with Turkey, Pork, and Beans

I talked about eating healthy in this post. As I said there, I am okay making some changes to recipes to help with the nutrition in a dish, but I want to keep the flavor still good. There is no point in eating healthy if the food tastes horrible. I know some people rave about their yogurt snacks, or kale chips, but if I want a snack, it’s usually chocolate. Some people go vegetarian for health reasons (I am not talking about those who do it for animal rights’ reasons), but I don’t think that is best for everyone. I am a big meat eater, and although I will have meatless days sometimes, it’s usually more about variety than just health. If I stopped eating meat all of the time, I know that I would have trouble having the correct nutrients. Instead, I worry more about red meat. I like it, but I know that with my family’s health history, I need to watch how much I eat.



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Coconut Chicken with Rice Vermicelli

Since buying coconut oil, I have been looking for different ways to use it. I was going to make this dish, but not originally with any coconut. I thought about it and wondered what would happen if I added it at the beginning, and layered everything on top. I figured the “worst” case was that you just would not taste it. It turns out, the flavor carried through clear to the end. It is not as strong as if you used coconut milk, but it’s a simple addition. If you don’t have coconut oil, or just don’t want to use it, then feel free to leave it out and enjoy the other flavors more.


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Birthday Watermelon Cake

Just as I posted a celebration dessert at the end of last year, here is another celebratory dessert. This was for my friend Lisa’s birthday, which happened a little while ago, but I am also using it to celebrate 5 years of being with my husband (we started dating 5 years ago yesterday). I am thankful to have both of them in my life! You might find a watermelon cake strange for the middle of winter, but if you want to bring a bit of summer to your cold days, or if you just happen to love watermelon as much as Lisa, then it’s perfect. The appearance is not perfect because my recipe did not make enough frosting, so I recommend making 1.5 batches of it, or going nuts and doubling it (if you like eating frosting, or have other treats to decorate). I came across the idea for decorating the cake from Bird on a Cake. I used her ideas, along with Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake recipe.


Ignore the visible layers through the frosting--more frosting would have helped.

Ignore the visible layers through the frosting–more frosting would have helped.

To create even more of a watermelon feel, I used candied cacao nibs in the cake. I made the mistake of not mixing them in, though, so they stayed on top, which is not ideal when you have to cut off the tops of the cake domes. So, don’t be like my pictures: mix the chocolate chips into the cake batter. To compensate, I added more of the nibs to the pink frosting that I used between the layers. This worked well, so you could just do that. If you wanted to make cupcakes, I could see making the cake base as-is, then making just a small amount of green frosting to draw a circle around the tops, then filling in the rest with pink frosting and mini-chocolate chips.


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