BiRite Buttermilk Ice Cream

This is part 2 of the ice cream cake, or it’s just yummy ice cream that you can pair with cakes, cookies, or just eat it out of a bowl. If you are scared at the idea of using something sour like buttermilk to make ice cream, I promise that this is a good way to get out of a vanilla ice cream comfort box. Basically, this is like a cheesecake kind of ice cream. I made a cheesecake ice cream before, and I did one where I swirled frosting in, but this might be my favorite because it is easier than the second, and softer than the first. And, for those of you who think buttermilk is not as healthy, the low-fat version is actually healthier than 2% milk. Buttermilk is what is left behind after making butter, so that should show you right there that it is lower in fat because you are removing fat with the butter.



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