Tips-y Tuesdays: How to Roast a Chicken

I have brought back my Tips-y Tuesdays for a brief showing (see, I said they weren’t gone forever!). This is one of those posts inspired by my mom and her lack of proper recipes for favorite dishes. Roast chicken is the kind of dish that your mom might have made for you over and over, and you even watched and/or sometimes helped…and yet…you somehow miss some of the details. When my mom passed away, my dad and I tried to recreate the version she would make. I have not gotten it exactly the way she did, but I think I have gotten it pretty close. In some ways, I have maybe even improved. And, with all of this practice, my husband has also gotten practice carving chickens. He used to complain that he had to carve it, and that rotisserie chickens could be cheaper at the store, but he is starting to come around to my side of things. He knows that I prefer cooking to buying premade stuff, but there are other bonuses, like the smell of the house while it’s cooking, the vegetables that sit underneath and soak up the yummy chicken-ness, and the endless leftovers.

It's sometimes hard to know which end is up!

It’s sometimes hard to know which end is up!

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