Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies–The Non-Fussy Version

Okay okay, I posted about perfect chocolate chip cookies before, but I wanted to make a batch and decided that while that batch was good…I wanted a non-fussy one. One that I can make without a scale (since I am not always cooking in my own kitchen), one that takes little time (chilling the dough is optional), and one that does not need quite as many eggs (yummy, but it can get expensive). This is really just the America’s Test Kitchen recipe slightly reimagined. I did actually detail the recipe a bit in this post on brownies, but to be honest, even I forget it is hiding in there with all of the other yumminess. So, here it is. A whole page dedicated to it. There are a few changes from when I made it that day, and I applied the bread flour idea from Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet.


Just a quick note…I recommend this other recipe if you have a little extra time.

One of my new Christmas toys!

One of my new Christmas toys!

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