Topic-Changing-Thursdays: What Can’t You Eat?

There is not much that I cannot eat. There is definitely stuff that I do not want to eat, but that’s different. Sometimes it is hard to tell with people if they are just avoiding a food because they don’t care for it, or if it bothers them. And if it bothers them, how bad is it? There are some people I know who can’t eat green peppers, for example, without getting heartburn…not mentioning names, but this day also happens to be my mom’s birthday (hello up there, Mom!) hehe. So, my mom could eat the green peppers, but might not feel super awesome afterwards.


In a funny coincidence, my dad and my husband have itchy tongue/throat issues with some foods. My dad’s is worse: when he eats crab meat, his throat can get a little funny and his tongue itchy. What does a Maryland dweller do in this dire situation? Why, take a Benadryl before eating crabs, of course! I hope I don’t inherit this crab allergy (it did not start for him until recently). My hands get funny after picking crab meat, but that’s it so far. K, on the other hand, has trouble with cantaloupe and some other melons. Nothing quite as bad as a throat-closing feeling like my dad, but still itchy and not awesome. He still will eat the fruit regardless. The only food I have an issue with is tofu. I actually like the taste, but it makes me sick afterwards. Edamame is apparently close enough, that it causes the same effect. We were at a restaurant snacking on tons of edamame and then had to rush home as it hit me. I forgot that they were soy beans!

We have a friend who can’t eat chocolate. For a while I thought it was just a choice, or that he did not like it. Eventually I found out that the caffeine bothers him. As a result, I always try to make sure I have a non-chocolate dessert for him when we have a party. When I made the watermelon cake, I still had some watermelon left, so this was perfect for our next party. I was able to make watermelon sorbet!

It was really easy…

I just had to process the watermelon, strain it to get the juice, heat it on low with 1/4 cup sugar and a healthy pinch of salt, then allowed it to cook until the sugar dissolved.2012-12-06

I stirred in some lemon juice and a splash of vodka then chilled it.


Meanwhile, I made a balsamic syrup by heating some balsamic vinegar with a bit of sugar on low heat until it reduced in half.





Churn the watermelon juice mixture in an ice cream maker. Before serving, drizzle with the syrup. You might need to scrape the sorbet a bit like you do with a granita to loosen it. Watermelon is super watery to it freezes a bit hard.


And this was how I made a non-chocolate eater happy. What foods do you have to avoid? What considerations do you have to take into account for your families? Is it “can’t” eat, or “won’t”? Maybe sometime I will make a post of all of the foods I won’t eat!w


8 thoughts on “Topic-Changing-Thursdays: What Can’t You Eat?

  1. Hmmmm…I don’t have foods I “have” to avoid. I am going light on the gluten these days but I’m not allergic. I’m pretty open to foods except for sauerkraut, wasabi, horseradish and mustard. My tastebuds are allergic to those 😉

    • No on the spicy? 🙂 Going gluten-free is super hard, I think, and I don’t think I could even do gluten-light. But, I am such a pushover with diet stuff. I can eat veggies and make recipes a bit healthier, and definitely exercise, but not having dessert? No way!

      • Gluten-light isn’t so bad. At home I use almond flour and coconut flour a lot. My favorite pancakes are actually made with coconut flour. I do splurge on the occasional cookie and I never ever pass up birthday cake. I don’t buy straight up bread anymore and I miss that the most. I like a little spice, but nothing mad crazy. Mostly I prefer it in ethnic food. I just hate the taste of wasabi and horseradish. Oh and sauerkraut is more the smell that makes me want to gag every time. Ugh.

        Besides, chocolate makes up for ALL of that 😉

  2. I don’t think there’s anything I can’t eat, but there is stuff I can’t drink. Alcohol. Well, I can, but it really makes me sick. And not like I drank too much sick. It gives me a stomach ache before it makes me drunk. As far as won’t eat mushrooms tops the list. And I agree with Joanna about the sauerkraut! Blah!

    • I don’t get that sick from alcohol, but it tastes horrible to me, so usually just a few sips for me. 🙂 Soda is more likely to make my stomach unhappy. It seems like with mushrooms, people either love them or hate them!

  3. SEA URCHIN!!! (Actually I’m getting better about it, but I only like it from Mashiko or another sushi chef I really trust has good sources)

    I guess that is a “Won’t” eat for me 😀 I am lucky to not have a “can’t”.

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