Chili with Turkey, Pork, and Beans

I talked about eating healthy in this post. As I said there, I am okay making some changes to recipes to help with the nutrition in a dish, but I want to keep the flavor still good. There is no point in eating healthy if the food tastes horrible. I know some people rave about their yogurt snacks, or kale chips, but if I want a snack, it’s usually chocolate. Some people go vegetarian for health reasons (I am not talking about those who do it for animal rights’ reasons), but I don’t think that is best for everyone. I am a big meat eater, and although I will have meatless days sometimes, it’s usually more about variety than just health. If I stopped eating meat all of the time, I know that I would have trouble having the correct nutrients. Instead, I worry more about red meat. I like it, but I know that with my family’s health history, I need to watch how much I eat.



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