Strawberry and Blueberry “Curd”

What do you have planned for your holidays? I am not sure if I will make anything when I go back home or not. It’s always hard not having my supplies with me. I like having my certain pots and utensils. Some recipes will look easy but then I realize they are only easy while I am in my own kitchen and not necessarily when I am with someone else. I think this could be one of those dishes I could make in a different kitchen because it does not require anything fancy. You can feel free to use other fruit, too, but adjust the sugar levels if you plan on using sweeter or less sweet fruit. I used frozen fruit and it was fine.


This is a special week of dessert dishes. Basically, I went looking through some books and was inspired to make a cake and an ice cream using some of the same ingredients. This first recipe was inspired by Sprinklebake’s Blackberry Curd. It has such a fabulous color and I wanted to make a strawberry curd. Unfortunately, I was tired and totally misread the directions, so I ended up creating my own curd. It ended up being perfect, even if it is not quite as thick as normal curd recipes are. To give you an idea of what’s coming, it did work well swirled in ice cream, as well as to top a cake. Once chilled it is less runny. One other clue/pairing idea: it pairs well with cheesecake-flavored items, such as liquid cheesecake frosting. You can see how to make the liquid cheesecake frosting here.

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