Topic Changing Thursday: I’m a Winner!

A post on a Thursday!?! (Not necessarily a new series starting up, but this will be my category for days I need to post something not quite on topic with the regular blog posts.)



Good blogs are supposed to have a singular focus to help gather an audience. I guess this is true for the most part, but there are definitely blogs I started following for one reason and am perfectly happy if the reasons change. Sometimes a recipe could draw me in, but often it’s the personality. Whatever the person talks about, if they have a good personality, I am probably hooked. I know that I was hooked initially on Joanna of Midwestern Bite’s blog because of Foodie Penpals. She does a Chopped challenge every month for herself. She threw in humor, along with some clever food ideas, and I loved every bit. The next month I was awaiting her challenge and was excited to see what she received. At some point I started reading other posts of hers and became a fan. She has a great sense of humor with a nice family.



The funny part about internet friends is you can feel like you really know someone, while missing important details. For instance, I didn’t know which part of the Midwest she was from until recently. Another detail is knowing how she says her name. Is the “a” like the “a” in yank, or more of an “aww” sound? Not sure. In my head I go back and forth. Maybe she can reveal the answer? Inquiring minds wanting to know, and all of that? But outside of these random blanks, it’s nice to find new people you would never have met in everyday life. You also would not have chances to win contests.

Want some popcorn with your chocolate?

Want some popcorn with your chocolate?

Joanna hosted a contest to celebrate her 6 month blogiversary. All you had to do was post a comment saying you were interested in winning the chocolate. Well, I can’t turn down free chocolate, so I entered knowing that I never win contests. Then, it was time to fly back home for Thanksgiving, so I was a bit preoccupied and forgot about it a bit. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, she tweeted that I should check her blog and lo and behold, I won! I actually did a little dance and immediately started imagining the chocolates. She was super sweet and even threw in some hot chocolate because it’s getting cold outside.


I can say that the dark chocolate candies in this are truly special.

Fancy box!

Fancy box!

Milk chocolate is always fine for me, but doesn’t get me quite as hyped. Even the hot chocolate, good as it is, could not compare to the dark chocolate in this. The caramel was one of my favorite candies. Unfortunately, you won’t see any cut-open candies. I have been going with the adventurous “bite right into it and see what happens” method. While fun and yummy, it does not lead to good picture opportunities.



It was awesome coming home from work and seeing the box of chocolates waiting for me. In the picture above, I am a tired but happy girl!



Of course, I couldn’t resist sending a Seattle Chocolate Care Package, so here is a sneak peek of what I sent…


11 thoughts on “Topic Changing Thursday: I’m a Winner!

  1. So glad you liked everything. Caramels are my second favorite after the peanut butter creams. They’re all good in my book though. It’s a big box so try not to eat them all in one sitting, mmmm K? It’s hard.

    Thanks for the kind words and the chocolate! So far I have tried the blueberries and I am a big fan. We had two other chocolate bars open (one was my cacao nib bar from Foodie Pen Pals) so I was waiting for those to get eaten before opening another. I think I know what dessert is going to be tonight!

    Aaaaaand to dispel your curiosity it is Joanna like Banana. That totally got old in school cause nothing else rhymes with my name :/ but it’s accurate. Joanna Banana.

    Oh, and I never win contests either so you are one up on me!

    • Thanks for helping with my curiosity. 🙂 That’s how I was saying it, so I’m glad I don’t have to go train myself to say it a different way.

      I have been trying to take my time with the chocolates…so far I’ve had about 10? About a few a day.

      Glad the blueberries are good. 🙂 I really hope the chocolate bars are as yummy for you as they are for me!

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