Topic Changing Thursday: I’m a Winner!

A post on a Thursday!?! (Not necessarily a new series starting up, but this will be my category for days I need to post something not quite on topic with the regular blog posts.)



Good blogs are supposed to have a singular focus to help gather an audience. I guess this is true for the most part, but there are definitely blogs I started following for one reason and am perfectly happy if the reasons change. Sometimes a recipe could draw me in, but often it’s the personality. Whatever the person talks about, if they have a good personality, I am probably hooked. I know that I was hooked initially on Joanna of Midwestern Bite’s blog because of Foodie Penpals. She does a Chopped challenge every month for herself. She threw in humor, along with some clever food ideas, and I loved every bit. The next month I was awaiting her challenge and was excited to see what she received. At some point I started reading other posts of hers and became a fan. She has a great sense of humor with a nice family.


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