Mock Baked Cannelloni

Don’t you love finding recipes where you don’t need to buy any ingredients? I found a recipe in my Jacques Pepin cookbook “Fast Food My Way” where you can use wonton wrappers instead of pasta. It sounded interesting, but once I realized I had almost enough ricotta already and had all of the other items, I could not bring myself to buy them. I decided to make my own version from items I already had in my kitchen. So, you could use wonton wrappers (no pre-cooking needed), jumbo shells, cannelloni tubes, or lasagna noodles like I did. For the pasta, you will need to boil them first so that you can roll them and/or fill them.

I would consider this a dish you could make on a weeknight, especially if you use wontons like he suggested. It is not super speedy, but it comes together pretty quickly and during the 15 minutes of baking you could easily get the rest of the meal ready (vegetables, garlic bread, etc.).

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