Pasta with a Creamy Sauce and Spinach

When my magazines come in the mail, I always stockpile them until the next airplane trip (sometimes a monthly occurrence). I will see recipes or ideas I like and then tear out the pages. When I return from my trips, I find random magazine pages all inside my luggage. This recipe was inspired by a pasta recipe. It called for rainbow chard, which makes me sick, so I was going to substitute spinach. It also called for a fancy pasta which I did not feel like buying. Then, when it came to the flavors I realized that it was lacking some basic seasoning. That’s when I knew that I was not going to follow the recipe at all, other than having some sort of pasta, cheese, and a veggie. Sooo…an original!

This has creamy in the title, but I did not use any cream or even whole milk. Just basic 2% worked fine. You could use less cheese to make it a bit healthier, as well as not including the egg (but K loves eggs, so why not include another one when I can?). You can also feel free to play around like I did.

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