Tomato, Egg, and Cheese Quiche

I think you could call this a tart instead…I don’t know the specific differences in the names, but I do know that I follow almost the same recipe for my quiche recipe, but there were some important changes for this. After reading about how awesome heirloom tomatoes are, I wanted to pick some up from the Farmers’ Market and enjoy them as a good summer dish. Seattle was late to summer, but it has been going steady for a couple months. All of a sudden, bam! It was fall. Cooler mornings, bringing out extra blankets, wearing socks and jackets, and wanting to turn on the heat but holding out because I know I can throw on another layer. Soon it will be back into the rainy season(s?) and I will be craving sunshine. At least I can look back at these pictures and remember how yummy the tomatoes were.

What meals get you excited about the fall and autumn seasons? I am trying to think ahead to produce knowing that I cannot rely on my local produce as much.  Colder weather makes me think of pot pies, roasted chicken, and soup!

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