Welcome to Hawaii (Maui Style)

My husband and I went to Maui for a repeat of our honeymoon a couple weeks ago, and I decided to share some pictures!

There are cool views everywhere you go, even driving on the main highway.

This won’t be a completely food-free post, however, because I am one of those people who likes to take pictures of my food.Β For starters, you will get to find out what I did with this new (to me) fruit:

I enjoy trying new food when I go to new places, especially when it is free, so I had to give it a go. We stayed at the Four Seasons and used a “preferred partner” booking site which got us a free upgrade, a free dinner, and free all-you-can-eat buffet every day. We stayed at the same place last year and had the same deal, so we already knew what to expect. Basically, we could eat breakfast at 8 am and not be hungry again until maybe 2 pm. I would try to scale back, but it was hard with so much good food. It meant that we did not have to worry about finding lunch places, just an occasional snack to hold us over until dinner. The buffet includes pastries, fresh fruit, granola/yogurt, charcuterie items, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, and our favorite–a cook who will make anything off of a large list for you, fresh to order (pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs any way you like, omelets, and a special each day). We made friends with him last year and he actually remembered us this year! A really cool guy who makes really awesome breakfast food.

Anyway…I discovered the rambutan fruit on the buffet, and since it would not cost anything extra, why not try it? I had to use my phone to figure out how to open it, but I was surprised to find a very grape-like fruit inside:

You need to avoid eating the fibrous middle.

Another reason we like going to Hawaii is we fly Hawaiian airlines which gives us a free snack and meal! (Unless you are vegetarian, because the option stunk–eat the chicken salad, but just don’t add the chicken to the salad…).

There is even a nice fork!

We were greeted in our room with some goodies I loved…the best crinkle cookies I have ever had, and fruity marshmallows that were so soft!

The picture? That’s a mirror reflecting our lanai. The bed? Where I ended up around 9 pm each day and woke up (without an alarm) at 6 am each day…crazy timezones!

You have to play on the beach the first day, even if you don’t want to wear a swimsuit yet. It’s a rule…

The next two pictures are from Sansei Restaurant

Butterfish is one of my all-time favorite kinds of fish. Ooooooo baby.

Crab ramen–unexpectedly yummy, even for this Maryland crab-lover

The next day was our first breakfast of the vacation….I started simple for my first plate. I remembered these almond croissants from last time.

I always get half Cranberry and half Passion Fruit juice while there. K gets guava juice. The green stuff in the shot glasses is the daily smoothie they give you. I did not like most of them this visit because they had strong amounts of yogurt. Yuck!

Banyan trees are so cool! This one is huge and takes up a whole park.

Sunsets are amazing in Hawaii…

At our hotel

A special sunset candle-lighting, shell blowing ritual every night at the hotel.

There is also the sunset picture you get of the two of you when you have been goofing around taking pictures by holding the camera at funny angles and then a stranger comes up and offers to take one so that she doesn’t have to see your silliness anymore…

But the silliness doesn’t quite stop…

Our last sunset:

K loves his ramen (this was atΒ Star Noodle):

Room service/housekeeping apparently includes making the leis (given to us at the hotel when we arrived) into hearts.

The next dinner was at the hotel restaurant Duo. It included great views (a couple getting married had pictures on the beach), filling portions, complimentary cotton candy, the obligatory “I’m in Hawaii, must eat fish” dish, and a chocolate fondue that had wine in it.

Putting salt on butter, then eating it with bread…mmmmm

The next day we went to Iao Valley to see the needle…not our Space Needle from Seattle, but this one…

Very pretty rainforest area:

Along the coast there is some crazy driving:

Our last dinner was at the other hotel restaurant, Ferraro’s (our favorite!):

Our final day included saying goodbye to the beach.

And the return flight home meal…


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Hawaii (Maui Style)

  1. I love that you documented your trip! The sunset pictures are beautiful, did you see the green flash? My favorite is the one of you frolicking on the beach on the first day though πŸ™‚ I am so happy you guys had such a great time! Living vicariously through you to imagine those noodle soups.. mmmm… :9

  2. wow wow wow. I have never been but Hawaii is next on my list. I can’t wait to go and experience it. Love your pics and those sunsets are Uh.MAZE.ING. Good job on being adventurous with the food! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks! I had never been until our honeymoon last year, and I was so happy to go again. Maui is beautiful–some stuff to do, but still quiet for relaxing.

  3. Hi! Loved reading this post and looking at the mouth-watering food (the scenery ain’t bad, either)! You are so lucky to “repeat” your honeymoon! We went to this same place on ours and Ferraro’s was also our very favorite – squid ink pasta, eating outside watching the sunset and spotting a few whales…truly amazing! Hope you had as much fun as it looked!

  4. Wow. Hawaii is gorgeous. We went for our honeymoon too but that was waaaaaay back in the day. 2005 was way back right?? So great you were able to go back. Once our move is done (today is the big day…yikes) I need to forward this post to my friend Bethany at One Girls Taste on Life. She stalks all things Hawaii and is dreaming of the day she can return. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Haha–I don’t think of 2005 as way back, but maybe long enough that you should make a return trip? It is so nice that I don’t even have a desire to go to any fancy islands. WHy when I can stay in the US and we have a direct flight from Seattle? πŸ™‚

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