Chicken Stroganoff

Having made beef stroganoff before, I was excited when I saw a Chicken Stroganoff recipe from Candid Appetite. He makes such yummy-sounding dishes, has funny stories to share, and has great pictures documenting the whole thing. So, basically, a dream blogger for me! Go check out his page and I am sure you will find food you want to make, too, or at least drool over.

For this recipe, it is super close to beef stroganoff, although there are some changes. The seasoning is a little different, and you also get to have a faster cook time because you are using chicken. If you followed my beef recipe, you can get a faster stroganoff, but you have to use a good steak. This is the cheaper, just as tasty alternative. Because I couldn’t resist, I made a couple changes. One, was adding about 1/2 cup of red wine. To me, stroganoff should have some wine in it, and the red wine really deepened the sauce and I love the smell that comes from adding that with mushrooms. I also opted out of the normal egg noodles and used some regular pasta because that is what I had already.

Because I did not make really any changes, I am only going to share my pictures and some directions here to inspire you to go visit Jonathan at Candid Appetite. He has the full recipe there.

You start by seasoning the chicken and cutting it into bite-sized pieces. I used chicken thighs, but you can also use chicken breasts.

Brown the chicken, but try not to cook it fully.

Add sliced onions, oil, and garlic to saute for a few minutes. You start with 2 cups of chicken stock, and I used about 1/4 cup at this step to help soften my onions and keep them from sticking. You don’t need to do it, but can save the stock for later.

Add sliced mushrooms to brown, stirring.

Add flour and butter (I used a substitute) into the middle, then stir, stir, stir!

You stream in the chicken stock at this point, and, if you’re daring…

Some red wine!

I should have let it cook down a little longer, but I was impatient…when it is thick enough for you, add the chicken to finish cooking. At the last couple minutes, add a bit of sour cream.

Make sure your pasta is drained before adding it into the saucy mixture.

Eating time! (And this is how we do fusion food–American main course, Chinese veggie–oh yes!)


14 thoughts on “Chicken Stroganoff


    What kind of noodles did you use? It looks thicker than spaghetti, I would like that in some noodle soups too. This looks so freakin tasty. Great idea on adding the wine!

  2. Okay, we have to chat. Seriously. I tweeted at you about this, but . . . you’re making the rest of us look bad here. My husband commented to me today about how your meals always look great and you always seem to have a new post up. So, every now and then throw up a bad post so the Husband doesn’t realize my food isn’t as good as yours. K, thanks. 😉

  3. This looks so seriously delicious! I’ve also only made beef before and would love to try this sometime. I’m really craving hot foods and things with lots of sauce right now. : ) Love Chinese broccoli, too, of course…

    • As you might have seen in the comments, my friend Lisa teases us about our “fusion food” because my husband usually makes Asian veggies and I will make a non-Asian main course. 🙂

      Saucy foods are great for chilly fall days!

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