Chicken “Sausages” with Mushrooms and Onions

After pouring through my Jacques Pepin “Essential Pepin” cookbook I found a couple more recipes to make. I like that he tends to keep the recipes simple and fuss-free. Both recipes required me to only pick up a few produce items, which makes them keepers in my book. The first one is this sausages recipe. K immediately said “but we’re already having sausage this week!” and I told him that he needed to listen to the inflection…they are not sausages, but “sausages”. Confused yet? Basically, you use chicken but do not turn it into sausages, you just end up rolling it in that shape. You could call them logs, Twinkies, or whatever your favorite cylinder-shaped object is. I am sticking with sausages because it causes fun confusion.

Do you have any foods you are not fond of? I can pretty much guarantee that you will not see any eggplant recipes on here, or recipes for liver. The closest I come to pork is bacon and the occasional ham. But no pork loin, barbecued pork, or the rest. Bleck.

I apologize for the non-onion people out there (sorry, Monica), but this does have quite a few. You could get around it by using more mushrooms or adding other items for seasoning. To be fair, half of them are supposed to be shallots which are not as strong (I just did not feel like using them). As it is, I would have liked more mushrooms. I could see doing easily another cup of them, so if you buy the packages at the store, pick up two just to be on the safe side.

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