Oatmeal Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

I am still in Hawaii celebrating one year with K, so this was written a little while ago. If you checked out the apple pie ice cream on Wednesday then you know that today is Oatmeal Cookie day! Since my tastes tend to run sweet, and I like crunchy toppings with my ice cream, I thought that oatmeal sandwich cookies would go well with the apple pie ice cream. The next trouble was finding a good recipe. Part of the reason I chose this one from David Lebovitz over other ones is that he promised they would stay soft even while frozen. He has not let me down before, so I went with it. Unfortunately, I must have either overbaked them or just have a different definition of “soft” because they turned out super crunchy. I was so disappointed!

The flavor was still really good, so I decided to try them. As they cooled, they were still crunchy, but after pairing them with the ice cream, they reached the perfect consistency. They have crunch, but don’t cause the ice cream to go gushing when you take a bite. So, do not have the same fears that I did. These are truly awesome ice cream sandwich cookies.

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