Apple Pie Ice Cream

Happy Wednesday! This is a super happy one for me because I am currently in Hawaii. We went for our honeymoon last year and had to return after having such a wonderful time. And before you get concerned, no I am not blogging in Hawaii. I did set this up to post long before I left. Probably the last thing on my mind is apple pie ice cream. More like sunscreen, fish, beach, buffet breakfasts, awesome hotel staff, loving husband, relaxation…you get the picture! Maybe I will share some pictures when I return to make you more jealous.

In the meantime, make this and you won’t feel as jealous (no kitchens or ice cream makers in my hotel room!). I saw apple pie ice cream recipes and thought it sounded really interesting. After all, apple pie goes so well with ice cream. Well, it turns out that I am more a chocolate ice cream girl than apple pie, but K loves it, and I loved it with oatmeal cookies in a sandwich. So, even if you do not want this “as is” wait until Friday and I will share the cookies I used for this.

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