Tips-y Tuesdays: Ice Cream Help

I was really nervous to make ice cream for the first time, and to be honest, it did not turn out as amazing as I would have liked. The ice cream was icy, the mix-ins were hard to eat, and the flavor was so-so. If I had stopped there, then I would never have realized how good homemade ice cream (and sorbet) could be!

Frozen Yogurt

As I have made more ice cream recipes, I have learned a few tips:

  1. A small amount of alcohol can really help keep the ice cream soft and less icy.
  2. Ice cream is cold, (duh) so the flavors are dulled. Keep those bases full of flavor!
  3. Find your ideal cream to milk ratio, and use it even if a recipe is a little different (I like 2 cups cream to 1 cup milk).
  4. Mix-ins will harden, so find ways of softening them (examples: macerating fruit in alcohol, using brownies as soft chocolate mix-ins instead of chocolate chips which can be too hard)
  5. Proper storage containers are a must. They should seal well and insulation can help for taking your ice cream to visit friends. I bought some of these ice cream containers from Amazon.

Earl Grey Ice Cream

4 thoughts on “Tips-y Tuesdays: Ice Cream Help

  1. Awesome tips on making homemade ice cream! I agree, the first few times you make homemade ice cream are definitely a learning experience. It sounds like you’ve definitely picked up some fabulous tips, especially the one about adding a bit of alcohol to the ice cream. I think that always helps!

  2. I’ve never made ice cream. It sounds delicious. My friend’s Mom used to make homemade cherry ice cream (with the maraschino cherries) – OMG – It was divine.

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