We had a different Labor Day weekend than we’ve had before. I’m used to spending it with my family but people were going to be a bit scattered and it’s an expensive time for flying back, so we decided to stay in Seattle this year. The first day was some food shopping followed by a trip on a friend’s boat. Sunday was spent mostly at the PAX convention. This was clearly for K, although I was a fan of getting to dance to the Dance Central 3 game early. For dinner that night, I wanted something that was not a dish to try during the week, but was light enough since we would be eating some junk food at the convention. I’ve never had this German dish but it didn’t stop me from wanting to try it. I was a little nervous about the process of making the noodles because I don’t have a specific tool for it, but it was fun!

If you’re like me and have never had this before, then the best way I can describe the texture is almost like dumplings, as in the chicken and dumplings. They have a bit of a chew to them, and then are soft. The taste is close to pasta because of the flour and eggs. They are fluffy and you can certainly add more seasoning to kick them up a bit.

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