Blueberry and Cream Cookies

Enter dried blueberries in cookies! One of the few cookie recipes I have made without non-white chocolate.

Check out all of those blueberries!

I was shocked to see that I had not made a Momofuku Milk Bar recipe in months. That’s almost crazy-talk! Who knows, maybe I was too busy making lots of ice cream, did not have enough time for multi-step or day recipes, or just kept meaning to make one recipe but was missing a crucial ingredient….yeah…mostly the last one. For this recipe, I kept meaning to pick up dried blueberries but never got around to it until recently. The day I got them, after I was done being shocked by the price ($16 a pound???), I went home and started making the milk crumb: the only secondary recipe needed for this one! Yay!

My friend Lisa made these cookies, but I never got to try hers. My husband and I have had the originals from Milk Bar itself, brought to us by our friend Garett, but not at the bakery itself. And, we gave a Williams-Sonoma cookie mix box for these same cookies to our newly-married friends in San Francisco when we visited them. All of this, and still no homemade cookies by me. So, that had to be rectified, especially with my husband asking for them over and over.

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