One Dish Chicken Curry with Rice

Do you go through phases of wanting to make new dishes and other phases of not caring? It happens every so often and it feels almost like writer’s block. Sometimes I’m super interested in baking or cooking, and then sometimes I really dread planning out meals for the week. Those are the weeks I hope to have leftovers around so I do not have to do much thinking. If all else fails, I rely on cookbooks to give me inspiration and luckily I have tons of cookbooks.

After looking at some skillet dishes I decided to do my own version but in the Dutch oven. I like cooking in skillets, but lately I prefer the Dutch oven because it cooks more evenly and makes stirring easier (less likely to have food go flying out of the pan). You can certainly use a skillet if that is what you have…I am calling this “One Dish” and not “Dutch Oven” or “Skillet” Chicken Curry after all.

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