Vegetable Quiche

Apparently quiche is supposed to be a good way of using up leftover veggies. I don’t think that ours is the only house that doesn’t have that problem. At least, I hope not. Even when I lived by myself I still didn’t have too many leftover vegetables. I would heat up a frozen bag or make a standard recipe and be lucky to have 1-2 servings remaining. My husband also eats his fair share of them, so between us, we usually have more of the main course left than anything else.

Anyway, what I am getting at is that you could use this as a way of getting rid of veggies, or you could do it like I do and make new ones for it. It works out well, time-wise, so I don’t think it matters either way. This recipe is the main reason I try to keep a block of cream cheese in my fridge at all times–all I need are eggs, cream cheese, grated cheese, and a few other staples to put me on my way. It’s the “I am out of other ideas” recipe, or the “I forgot to plan something” recipe that is nice to fall back on. (I have a few of these, and I’m hoping the husband hasn’t noticed yet.)

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Thai-Style Chicken with Apricot Preserves and Buttermilk Dressing

This recipe was a cooperative effort from Lisa and me. Originally there were supposed to be apricots and skewers but we decided to mix it up and use some apricot preserves she bought while we were at a farmers’ market. All in all, it was a good dish, especially if you like peanut butter! We paired it with some corn and a peach salsa (recycled recipe from a steak dinner the night before). It is a very happy summery dish, just perfect for our hot weather when we didn’t want to hover too long in the kitchen.

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Homemade Graham Crackers

I had been seeing s’more desserts all over the internet recently. It made me crave those flavors, but surprisingly without the chocolate twist. You can certainly add chocolate to the mix, but after tasting these crackers and the toasted marshmallow ice cream, I was ok leaving out the chocolate so that I could better enjoy these two flavors together. Having never made graham crackers before, I knew I was in for a treat. Homemade versions usually are better in the baked category, and these were no different.

You can put some cinnamon sugar on top of the crackers before baking to make a different version that is super delicious on its own. I recommend making a few like that and setting aside, not to be used in the ice cream sandwiches that you will want to make with these crackers.

Most people have been mixing the graham crackers into their s’more ice creams, but I was craving sandwiches. If you want to mix them in, feel free! For the chocolate part, you could either do a swirl in the ice cream, chocolate syrup when you eat it, or a chunk of chocolate on your ice cream sandwich.

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Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwiches

All I wanted was a s’more spin-off sandwich. I left off the chocolate (you can add in a piece of a chocolate bar on your sandwich, or use some chocolate syrup) to better taste the marshmallow flavor. Well, the stove and I had a disagreement but afterwards I had a super yummy new flavor. Oh, and yes, those are homemade graham crackers (super yummy!).

This recipe was full of woe, and it all centered around the toasted marshmallows. I am here to help you get through it as well. To be honest, it is a pretty simple task once you learn a few rules. These pretty marshmallows taste good but became super dangerous just a minute later.

Good toasted marshmallows that turned bad…

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Teriyaki Marinated Salmon with Quinoa

Is it okay to do another salmon recipe? Hopefully it hasn’t felt too soon for you. Basically, I can’t resist a good salmon recipe, especially when Costco is still carrying the beautiful Copper River kind. Seriously, if you love salmon and can find that variety near you, snatch it up! It is so delicious and such a nice summer food.

Ah yes, summer! It has finally started to hit here in Seattle. This weekend had advisory notices from the weather people because our temperatures were in the 80s, near 90. That might not seem too crazy to everyone else, but it’s warm for here, especially lacking air conditioning. There were also lots of events going on, so I did not want a dish that would take a lot of cooking time.

Mix up the marinade, pour on the fish, go off and have a little fun, then return for a short bake in the oven and time to make some sides.

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Honey Mustard Chicken Nuggets

This recipe is based on a recipe from Des of Life’s Ambrosia. It is super easy and is a great weeknight meal. The flavors are easily adapted, so now I kind of add whatever I feel like “in the moment” and it always works out.

Basically, you coat the chicken in a honey mustard sauce, then coat it with panko crumbs before roasting in the oven. Easy, and another healthy meal! It’s a great way to get my husband to eat chicken breasts since he thinks they lack flavor.

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Roasted Cod with Lemon

This was derived by the same book I used for some roasted veggie posts: Sonia Stevenson called “Roasting”. I wanted to make fish in a new way, and this ended up being a nicely flavored and fairly healthy dish. If you want a light summery dish, this is perfect. I served it with some quinoa, but you can serve it with potatoes or another starch, too.

I did not have all of the ingredients she listed, so I made do with what I had and it still turned out well. I enjoyed how easy it was, except for when I forgot that the pan would be hot after it was out of the oven. Ugh! Another burn, another silly moment for me.

I was happy I got to use a birthday present for this, and they worked really well (sweet but with a subtle kick):

So, be careful with the hot pan, gather just a few ingredients, and then enjoy it for your next fish night!

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