Roasted Cod with Lemon

This was derived by the same book I used for some roasted veggie posts: Sonia Stevenson called “Roasting”. I wanted to make fish in a new way, and this ended up being a nicely flavored and fairly healthy dish. If you want a light summery dish, this is perfect. I served it with some quinoa, but you can serve it with potatoes or another starch, too.

I did not have all of the ingredients she listed, so I made do with what I had and it still turned out well. I enjoyed how easy it was, except for when I forgot that the pan would be hot after it was out of the oven. Ugh! Another burn, another silly moment for me.

I was happy I got to use a birthday present for this, and they worked really well (sweet but with a subtle kick):

So, be careful with the hot pan, gather just a few ingredients, and then enjoy it for your next fish night!

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