Bergers Cookie Cheesecake

I had to post a cake recipe today because it is a special day!

I am celebrating one year of marriage with my fabulous husband, K. We made it through some big changes this year (my move across the country, new job, getting used to our stuff mixed together, figuring out new routines). This made the start a little hard, but the year just kept getting better. I still miss my friends, family, and old coworkers from back home, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been able to make a life out on the West Coast. I didn’t realize how different marriage would be. I know it’s “to each their own”, but I am happy with our decision to wait until marriage to live together. Visits in the summer just can’t compare to the awesomeness that is having someone special at home who loves you forever, and has made the promise to stay with you no matter what. I feel like everything has fallen into place ok for us, and other than random snags (such as my house back home taking almost a year to sell!), we are content.

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