June Foodie Penpals Exchange!

This month was super exciting for me with the Foodie Penpals Exchange. Not only did I have two new people to interact with, but they both actually were like penpals. It was fun sending emails back and forth and learning about their parts of the country. The person I sent to also goes by Aly, and we joked that we both spell it the “right” way! She has a Tumblr page here you can check out. She likes to be healthy, but not crazily so. I had a good time picking out food for her since I couldn’t go my standard “sweet” route. I didn’t think that would be fair to someone trying to behave diet-wise. 🙂 I wished I could have sent her some of our local cheese since she is a Wisconsinite (get a pro’s opinion), but I didn’t think it would keep properly!

I was also excitedly awaiting to hear from Autumn who is super busy as a student in Indiana. She likes to cook, and is into makeup! Girl after my own heart. It made me really happy when she told me she made the cookie pie I had posted and enjoyed it. Such a sweetie!

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 The Lean Green Bean 

What will be inside??

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