“Grilled” Asparagus with a Yogurt Sauce

I have had asparagus many ways. My dad was always great at grilling it, but we don’t have proper space to have a grill at our house, so we are stuck finding indoor methods. There is always steaming, but for some reason it had been failing us recently. Growing up, veggies for dinner included steaming them with our fancy electric steamer, frozen bags (usually the steamer ones) of veggies, salads, roasted veggies when we had roast chicken, and the occasional one-off dish like our “Spinach Hilda” (recipe maybe to come in the future–it was passed down from my great-grandmother, Hilda).

Anyway, if it is not one of the above recipes, or one that I find, I don’t really have much else to choose from. My husband is fairly picky about veggies and variety, so I typically let him handle it. He is usually a master steamer, but the asparagus hadn’t been coming out crunchy enough lately, so I was excited to find a new easy way to cook asparagus that allowed for crisp stalks. This comes from an America’s Test Kitchen technique. I was doubtful that it would work because I was worried it would dry out the asparagus or make them greasy, but not at all!

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