Cinnamon Scones

This is another scone recipe. It is actually a fair bit different from the others I’ve been working with because it’s not from Dorie Greenspan, but actually from King Arthur’s Flour, via You can find her post about them here. If you are just tuning in, I have been making different scone recipes to see which ones my dad would most like and cinnamon was a flavor he had mentioned as an option. This particular recipe is great because it has a filling! There is a glaze as well, but I left that off.

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Corn Chowder

This was another recipe for the “soft foods” period we went through recently. There is some crunchy bacon on top, but apparently K was willing to sacrifice for that (ha!).

This was adapted from America’s Test Kitchen and turned out really well. It makes a bunch, so cut back the portions. They said you shouldn’t freeze it, but we tried it anyway. We haven’t had any yet to share if it worked or not. The directions for prepping the corn for the chowder were unnecessarily complicated. Using an immersion blender worked just fine.

Almost ready…

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream with Cold Chocolate Sauce

In April, I was lucky to be able to go to a book release party for Molly Moon’s Cookbook and I blogged about it here. It was such a fun event, and I liked being able to share it with some friends. But I was even more excited to go home and make a recipe. We got home late, so I had to do it the next day. I had prepped by putting my ice cream maker in the freezer the day before. Salted Caramel is one of the flavors we enjoyed from the Molly Moon store, and I was excited to be able to make it at home. I actually didn’t know ahead of time that they do egg-less ice creams. This was my first time making one, which might explain an issue I had with the softness. Yes the ice cream is soft because it has salt in it, but it was ridiculously soft!! Like, melting almost instantly in the bowl. It was better when I used my new ice cream holder. I also felt it was a tad salty and would cut back the salt next time. Using the chocolate sauce on top helped cut the salt and they enhanced each other.

Not the prettiest, but it was super yummy!

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Chicken Katsu Curry with Roasted Cauliflower and Mushrooms

I stumbled across the blog That Does Not Suck and liked how easy this chicken recipe from Olive Magazine sounded. I made a few changes, but in general just really liked the flavors in the original.

This is a great weeknight meal when you want something comforting that tastes like it took forever to make. With my husband K helping with prep, things went really quickly. We also really like making cauliflower this way. It is easy and makes it taste sweet!

Yes, with cauliflower!

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Oatmeal Fudge Bars

I think it’s pretty obvious to people who know me that I absolutely love chocolate. Last year when I was trying to lose a little weight I managed to go without it for a few days. The first day wasn’t a big deal, but boy was that second day horrible! After that, I was fine. I then gradually added treats back in. Of course, I’m back in almost full form. I made a chocolate chunk pie a little while ago (recipe coming soon) and I kept going back for more. I was almost relieved when it was finally gone so I wouldn’t be tempted by it anymore! When I made this I made sure to take 3/4 of it to work.

There is something about chocolate and oats that is a good combination. My friend Lisa made these bars with white chocolate and I loved them, even though I’m not always a white chocolate fan. So, feel free to make it with whatever chocolate you prefer. I was thinking I might even try two layers one time–one white, one chocolate–to see how it turns out. We each have a copy of the magazine this recipe came from (Cook’s Country Chocolate Desserts). I haven’t made anything else from it yet because it feels like I am getting a new cookbook each week I have to try! But, it definitely has some good-sounding recipes.

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Two Lemonades

That’s right, you get two lemonades for the price of one post! The sight of Meyer lemons inspired donuts, and they also inspired lemonade. I squeezed extra lemon juice when I made the donuts so that I could make some lemonade. The funny part is that even though I’ve made all sorts of dishes, I had never made lemonade before, so I was excited to find some ideas and methods.

What to do with lemons?

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