Foodie Penpals May Exchange

Another month, another foodie penpals exchange! Last month I received a recipe and ingredients from Carolynne in Chicago. After such success, I had to continue in May. This time I actually would be receiving gifts from someone in the area. When Krysten told me her location, I had to ask my husband because I am still learning my way around Seattle. I definitely did not care because there are probably many local goodies I have yet to know about. Krysten actually has several blogs, so you should check her out! I sent stuff to Jeannette in Houston and was happy when she received her items (I hope safe and sound). She will be posting on her blog about what I picked out for her. Keep reading to find out how special I was to have Krysten as my sender!

 The Lean Green Bean

I also finally made the recipe sent to me last month, with a few small changes. Basically I changed it from a trifle to a pie because we weren’t going to be able to eat the trifles immediately. This is how it turned out:

Now, onto this month… I tore into the package as I usually do. My husband is just now learning how bad I am with opening gifts. (I can’t wrap them very well, either, so that might be related.) I’ve always been a tear-er (different from a terror) and my parents still loved me. Hopefully he will even though he didn’t get to see me do this:

There is a postcard standing up in there 🙂

Somehow she knew that I love chocolate and interesting drinks, but not really coffee…I still got the must-have Starbucks item, along with some tea I hadn’t seen before, and some instant cran-lemonade (believe it or not, I’ve never tried the powdered drink stuff before, so I am intrigued).

And there was a granola that was PEANUT BUTTER flavored. YAY!

Some other assorted snacks:

These two have to be my favorite: homemade cookies, and I think the jam is homemade, too! Even if not, it is amazingly delicious. I had it immediately on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Of course I had to start with a bite of a cookie, too.

What will next month bring? I don’t know, but this one was pretty exciting. Thank you to both my receiver and sender for being so sweet!

2 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals May Exchange

  1. Glad you loved it all! Your right the Jam is home made and the cookies. Well there just a simple Chocolate chip recipe. I didn’t explain very well in my box. The Almond Roca is made locally here in Tacoma. The Aplets and Cotlets are made just the other side of the Mountains in Eastern Washington. Last but not least, I hate plain old water. It has to have flavor for me, but I don’t like super sweet things either so that’s where Cranberry lemonade comes in and slightly sweet Chai. Two of my most favorite drinks. You also can’t have a box from WA with out something Starbucks in it!

    • You hit it with all of these items. I was so happy to see so much variety and so many things I could try! I actually just went and bought more granola–chocolate this time, since I liked the peanut butter one so much. 🙂

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